A conversation between an non OCI member, a young optometrist and Ms.Sangeetha Bhasin !!

Friday, May 15, 2015


This is a conversation between an non OCI member ( young optometrist) and Ms. Sangeetha Bhasin ( OCI registered and a senior optometrist with loads of experience)

Optometrist 1: Hello friends I want to know what will be the benefits an optometrist will receive after registration of OCI? How will changes take place in retail optician shops as 
far as the basic requirements of optometrists qualification, salary, skill, experience etc...

How can he or she prove that being qualified optometrists we are well equipped with our knowledge, skills, practical experience to handle patients.

Ms. Sangeetha Bhasin's Answer:

1) You will get a personal registration No: which adds value to your degree.

2) The OCI has connections with other optometry related institutions in other parts of the world. This will give you an advantage of knowing where India is vis-a-vis other countries in terms of education, knowledge, scope of work is concerned

3) Today, everyone right from a 6 month course to a non qualified is referred to as an Optometrist. This will change over a period of time. When number of registered 
optometrists increases, awareness amongst the optical fraternity and public will increase giving those unaware an insight into the depth of learning, work that has gone 
into getting a degree after 4 years. With regular up gradation through CE POINTS which is mandatory for renewal of the registration optometrists can be sure they do not become like what happened to the old timer MBBS doctors who never upgraded their skills and knowledge. Our profession is leading the way in terms of continuous education for maintaining registration.

4. On the compensation front and at the interview level you will have the advantage that ONLY those Companies, outlets, hospitals who value importance of high professional 
standards will be in the front-line for offers. You need not worry about 10000 other job vacancies. THIS WILL ENHANCE the job satisfaction levels which in turn will lead to the enthusiasm to learn more and more and perform to highest standards of effectiveness and efficiency.

5) Once you reach this level and understanding that learning NEVER ends, you yourself will take the initiative to guide your juniors for the betterment of the optometrist community. This will increase the respect with which others will look at the OPTOMETRIST FRATERNITY.

pay cheques and then have the satisfaction of not only working towards justifying it but also try to get to the next level with the next 2-3 years.

Optometrist 1: Right ma'am thanks....hope the necessary changes take place.

Ms. Sangeetha Bhasin: SOMETHING MY senior told me at the beginning of my career “Sangeeta, if you chase money, surely you will definitely get it, but you may or may not 
get the respect you want. SO, put everything aside and CHASE ROFESSIONALISM, THE MONEY WILL THEN CHASE YOU” 
So very true. This is what I will say to all you youngsters. Optometry is the profession to be in today. For the next 30 years there will never be a saturation of professionals, 
how far you go will depend on HOW well you equip yourself. GOD BLESS

It is for each one of you to find the right work environment that satisfies your expectations, needs and to a certain extents wants.... I say certain extent because WANTS are dangerously unreasonable and without logic at times. If you want to be a leader, sometimes you have to make the road you want to walk on.......