Email from Dean of a Gujarat University of OCI School accreditation Document!!

Monday, June 5, 2017
From: Dr J M Brahmbhatt Dean Surat <>
Date: 5 June 2017 at 5:44:15 PM IST
Subject: Re: Harijyot college of optometry

Dear Madam,

              Season’s Greetings!

 I have conducted Inspection at Harijyot Optometry College, Navsari for Optometry Course. For Evaluation and assessment, I have downloaded the accreditation criteria from Optometry Council website.  Assessment has been carried out using these criteria as guidelines for infrastructure facility, Manpower and equipment, library size/ dimensions, no. of books etc.

             This has helped  me in doing objective assessment of the Institute without any bias and prejudice,  so as to achieve   better  academic  environment  for  the  students & faculties.  The standards  developed  by Council  are very reliable,  objective,  specific  and can be  repeatedly used to have uniform pattern across   all academic  Institutes  for  optometry  course throughout the country. 

             Wish You all the Success and Progress in bringing uniformity in all concerned   Institutes by application of accreditation standard, developed by optometry council.