What are the duties of various bodies operating with the OCI?

ASCO, India is Association of schools and colleges of Optometry in India. The goals are to:-

To create awareness of Optometry as an independent Eye and Vision Care Profession amongst the Indian Society.
To assist educational institutions and or individuals for improving the standard of the education of Optometry in India.
To conduct and organize Conferences, Seminars and Update courses on Optometry and related topics.
To co-operate and affiliate with allied Associations in India and abroad to achieve common goals in betterment of Optometry in India.
We define and help to implement the minimum syllabus for Diploma & Degree programs of Optometry in India.
To work in close association with Ophthalmologist & Ophthalmic profession, eye care centres, eye hospitals, Optical industry so that Optometry education and profession is benefited.
To execute or undertake all acts, projects and schemes that may be deemed necessary or expedient for all or any of the above said Aims.

Indian Optometry Federation was formed to fulfil the need for a centralised peak body which could speak on behalf of all these organisations prompted the establishment of the Indian Optometry Federation (IOF). By acting as a single voice for all optometry associations in India, the IOF aims to raise public awareness of the profession and achieve official recognition. It also seeks to boost the entire eye care system throughout the country and integrate it with.